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Keenz FAQs
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If you have a question about your order or you are having issues with your Keenz Stroller Wagon, please open a ticket here or contact us via email at [email protected]




How do I register my Keenz Stroller Wagon? 

Register your Keenz Stroller Wagon here.


Where do I find the lot number for my wagon?

All Keenz Wagons have a sticker on the frame with the lot number.




What age range are Keenz Stroller Wagons recommended for?

XC and XC+: 6 months and up

7S, 7S+, and Class: 12 months and up


What is the maximum height for children utilizing a Keenz Stroller Wagon?  

For all 5 models,  the maximum height per child is 48” (122cm)


Can you use a Keenz Stroller Wagon at a Disney Park?

As of May 1, 2019, all stroller wagons are banned from Disney World and Disneyland; however, it is our understanding from many customers that Disney has made certain ADA accommodations based on a case by case need to determine the medical necessity of the Keenz Stroller Wagon while in their parks. This decision is governed by Disney, and Keenz USA has no control over this matter.  


Can you gate check a Keenz Stroller Wagon?

Most airlines will allow you to check the Keenz Stroller Wagon at the gate; however, you should contact your airline for clarification, especially since airport policies can change. 


Which wagon models come with a snack tray?

The Keenz Class, Keenz 7S+ 4-Passenger, Keenz XC 2-Passenger, and Keenz XC+ 4-Passenger Wagons all include a Snack Tray with purchase.


The Keenz 7S 2-Passenger Wagon does not include a snack tray. The 2-in-1 Snack & Cup Holder is available for additional purchase.


Which models come with All-Terrain Wheels pre-stocked on the wagon?

The following wagon models arrive with All-Terrain Wheels pre-stocked on the wagon

  • Keenz 7S+ 4-Passenger 
  • Keenz XC 2-Passenger
  • Keenz XC+ 4-Passenger


The Keenz 7S 2-Passenger does not come with All-Terrain Wheels, however, they are available as an additional accessory and can be purchased on our website.

Keenz Class 2-Passenger does not come with All-Terrain Wheels and the option for these are not available for purchase.


How can I clean my stroller wagon's fabric?

One option is to keep the fabric on the frame, scrub it with a mild soap/detergent, and hose it off. You can also remove the fabric and submerge it in a tub full of water with mild detergent. In both cases, let the fabric air dry for 24-48 hours. Avoid putting it in a washing machine, as the spin cycle and agitator can break the buckles. Drying in a tumble dryer is also not recommended. 




Manual for Keenz 7S purchased prior to July 14, 2019

Manual for Keenz 7S purchased after July 14, 2019

Manual for Keenz Class

Manual for Keenz 7S+

Manual for Keenz XC

Manual for Keenz XC+




Can I change or cancel my order after I place it?  Make sure your order is 100% correct before clicking the "place order" button. Once an order is placed, it cannot be changed or canceled for any reason. If you want to make a change, you may return the package once it arrives and re-order. Please refer to our Shipping & Return Policy. 


When is your next promotion? 

Subscribe to our email and follow us on Facebook to be the first to hear when promotions launch!


Do you offer military discounts? 

Yes, Keenz provides a 15% off military discount, first-responders, medical providers, and teacher discount with valid documentation. Please complete this form and you will receive an email from VerifyPass with a discount code.


Do you offer discounts for special needs families?  

Yes. We are happy to provide a medical discount program that provides families a 25% OFF discount code to purchase a Keenz Stroller Wagon on our website. The application process requires the completion of this medical form by a board-licensed medical professional. To qualify, there has to be a physical, emotional, social or psychological benefit to the patient using the Keenz product. Ultimately, the determination and benefit is decided on by your child's medical care provider. Once the form is completed, please submit here.


Do you offer multi-children discounts?

No, we currently do not offer multi-children discounts.


How do I become an authorized retailer? 

Please complete our Retailer Application.


Does Keenz collaborate with influencers?

Yes, we work with established influencers who regularly share their family outings. Applications are accepted here and reviewed within 30 days.


Does Keenz USA make donations to non-profit organizations?

To request a donation of a Keenz Stroller Wagon for a non-profit organization, please complete this FORM. If your organization is approved, we will send you an email to inform you and to coordinate the delivery of the product.




Is the warranty valid no matter from whom I buy it? 

The warranty is valid when the product is purchased from, or from any authorized Keenz retailer. Products sold by individuals or non-authorized retailers are not covered by warranty. You must register your Keenz Stroller Wagon within siz (6) months of purchase on our website for the warranty to be valid.


Does the warranty transfer if I buy a Keenz Stroller Wagon used?

No, the warranty does not transfer from the original owner.


What is the Keenz warranty period?

One (1) year from the date of the original purchase if the product is registered with KEENZ US within six (6) months of the original purchase date of the product.


How do I file a warranty claim?

Please contact us via email at [email protected].


I purchased my Keenz from an authorized retailer, and some parts are missing, or appear to be. What do I do?

If your Keenz is broken or damaged or appears to have been used, please return your purchase to the retailer you purchased from directly, and discuss refunds or exchanges with the vendor accordingly.

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