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Keenz FAQs


I’m having trouble with my wagon. How do I get help? Please contact us via email at:

Where can I find my Keenz 7S instruction manual?

PDF Manual for Keenz 7S purchased prior to July 14, 2019

PDF Manual for Keenz 7S purchased after July 14, 2019


Are the Keenz 7S and Keenz Class ASTM certified? The Keenz 7S and Keenz Class Stroller Wagons meet the requirements of 16 CFR 1227, "Safety Standard for Carriages and Strollers", and of ASTM F833-13, "Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Carriages and Strollers". 

What is the weight limit of the Keenz 7S? The recommended maximum weight limit is 110 lbs (50 kg). The recommended maximum weight limit per seat/side is 45 lbs (20 kg). The recommended maximum weight limit for each handle and for the cargo bin is 22 lbs (10 kg).

How many children can fit in the Keenz 7S? The Stroller Wagon is designed for two (2) children to ride at a time.

How can I wash the Keenz 7S fabric? One way to clean your Keenz 7S fabric is to keep the fabric on the frame, scrub it with a mild soap/detergent, and hose it off. You can also remove the fabric and submerge it in a tub full of water with mild detergent. In both cases, let it air dry for 24-48 hours. Avoid putting it in a washing machine, as the spin cycle and agitator can break the buckles. Drying in a tumble dryer is also not recommended. 

Can you gate check the Keenz 7S and Keenz Class at the airport? Most airlines will allow you to check the Keenz Stroller Wagon at the gate; however, you should contact your airline for clarification, especially since airport policies can change. 

Can you use the Keenz 7S and Keenz Class in Disney? As of May 1st, 2019 all stroller wagons are banned from Disney World and Disneyland, including the Keenz 7S stroller wagon; however, it is our understanding from many customers that Disney has made certain ADA accommodations based on a case by case need to determine medical necessity of the Keenz 7S while in their parks. This decision is governed by Disney, and has no control over this matter. 

Can I get a Keenz donation for my organization? To request a donation of a Keenz Stroller Wagon for a non-profit organization, please complete this FORM. If your organization is approved, we will send you an email to inform you and to coordinate the delivery of the product.


Can I change or cancel my order after I place it?  Make sure your order is 100% correct before clicking the "place order" button. Once an order is placed, it cannot be changed or canceled for any reason. If you want to make a change, you may return the package once it arrives and re-order. Please refer to our Shipping & Return Policy

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Do you offer military discounts? Yes, Keenz provides a military discount with a valid Department of Defense number. Please complete this form and we will be in touch with the discount information.

Do you offer multi-children discounts? No,we currently do not offer multi-children discounts.

Do you offer discounts for special needs families? Yes. We are happy to provide families with special needs children a $120 discount on the Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon. The application process requires the completion of this medical form by a board-licensed medical professional. To qualify, there has to be a physical, emotional, social or psychological benefit to the patient using the Keenz product. Ultimately, the determination and benefit is decided on by your child's medical care provider. Once the form is completed, please submit here.

How do I know I am buying from an authorized retailer? Please see the list provided HERE.

How can I find a local retailer in my area? Authorized retailers are listed HERE and you can send an email to to find out if we have a Brand Ambassador in your area.

How do I become an authorized retailer? Please fill-out this Retailer Application


I am having trouble with my wheels. What do you suggest? 

First, always be sure to check that your wheels are snapped on correctly and tightly before every use. This is particularly important to check after transport, or periodically during use, especially when using on uneven terrain. This will help ensure that your wheels are always snapped firmly in place. 

The Keenz 7S is a moving machine. Just like with any machine, there is certain owner maintenance that must be done regularly – like with a bicycle. All nuts and bolts should be tightened regularly. Because your Keenz stroller wagon can sometimes be used in fun, off-roading experiences, it’s important to make sure you clean out the inside of your rear wheel hub periodically to remove dirt, sand, and debris from the inside of the wheel assembly hub. The same care should be taken with the inside of the front wheel mount. This can be done with compressed air or water. It’s important to remember to add a little grease to the hub to ensure smooth operation. What types of grease can you use? White lithium grease is especially useful for friction like hinges, car door hinges, garage door rails, springs, and any other location where grease is needed. Or good old fashioned Crisco from your pantry is an excellent alternative! Just remember to cover the rubber on your wheels and have plenty of paper towels handy if using white lithium. White lithium aerosol can be very messy, but easy to spray. Just point your axle and the aerosol can away from you, and over paper towels, and spray. It’s a good idea to have eye protection if you choose this method. Crisco is really easy… just add a blob on the end of the axle and snap in place. The use of the wagon will move the grease around inside the hub.  Verify that no food allergies affect your family before using it. Crisco is a plant-based product, but it’s always best to make sure your family doesn’t have negative reactions to plant-based products. Wheels are a moving part, and moving parts require a little extra care to maintain longevity. Taking a little extra time to maintain your wheels will keep you moving freely for many days to come! 

Please click HERE for step-by-step pictures.

ALL-TERRAIN WHEELS ACCESSORY: All-Terrain Wheels for the Keenz 7S model are available and come with 4 All-Terrain Wheels and an All-Terrain Rear Axle.  When installing the All-Terrain Wheels, it is critical that you replace the stock axle, which came with the 7S, with the All-Terrain Rear Axle that arrived with the All-Terrain Wheels. The All-Terrain Rear Axle must be installed before you attach your All-Terrain Wheels. There is a slight variation with the All-Terrain Axle and it is essential for the proper use of your All-Terrain Wheels.  Be sure to install your original Rear Stock Axle before reattaching the stock wheels. The Rear All-Terrain Axle is not designed to work with the Stock Wheels.


Is the warranty valid no matter from whom I buy it? The warranty is valid when the product is purchased from BetterOptionsCo.comor from any authorized Keenz retailer. You can find the list of authorized retailers HERE. Products sold by individuals or non-authorized retailers are not eligible for warranty.

Does the warranty transfer if I buy the Keenz 7S or Keenz Class used? No, the warranty does not transfer from the original owner.

What is your warranty period? (1) year from the date of original purchase if the product is registered with KEENZ US within six (6) months of the original purchase date of the product.

How do I file a warranty claim? Please contact us via email at

I’m attempting to register my Keenz 7S. Where do I find the lot number?


I purchased my Keenz 7S from Target, and some parts are missing, or it appears to be used. What do I do now? Please inspect the box and ensure that all parts and accessories are included and in new factory condition before leaving the Target store. If you have already purchased a Keenz 7S from Target and you did not receive all the parts, or if your 7S is broken/damaged or appears to have been used, please return your purchase to Target directly, and discuss refunds or exchanges with your local Target store manager.

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