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Lazy Dog Loungers FAQs

Lazy Dog Loungers Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:          

What are the Lazy Dog Loungers made of?          

The fabric is a durable material, like a backpack. This is what allows the product to be puncture resistant.           

Is the Lazy Dog Lounger filled with air?  

No, Lazy Dog Loungers use floating rods; therefore, your pet cannot pop the float like others on the market.                      

Can any dog easily get on and off the Lazy Dog Lounger?

No, like humans, dogs come in all sizes, shapes, age and abilities.  If you have an active dog, most can easily get on and off.  If you have a less active dog, your pet may need a little assistance getting on.                   

Will the Lazy Dog Lounger sink?

No, due to the floatation rods, the float will stay above the water. These have been designed to be semi-submersible to keep your pet cool in the heat.  As the dog moves around and finds its own comfort level, the float will ultimately create a pool in which they can rest.

How long will it take for my dog to get comfortable on the Lazy Dog Lounger?           

Since this will be a new experience for them, let them get comfortable at their own pace.  Do not expect that the first time will be perfect. Like humans, they need to try it a few times to find their balance and comfortability.               

Will the Lazy Dog Lounger fade?

Yes, over time, being in the sun and chlorine from pools, the colors will fade; however, with proper care and storage, your float should last based on the care you give it. 

How do I know what size Lazy Dog Lounger to purchase?             

The weight of your dog is very important to know when purchasing a Lazy Dog Lounger. For the safety of your pet, these floats have been designed for proper weight distribution. If you have a dog over 25 pounds, it is imperative that you purchase a large float for your pet. 

Does my dog have to wear a life vest?   

Yes, for the safety and care of your pet, we recommend your pet always wear a life vest when in the water.         

Is the lazy Dog Lounger a life-saving product?    

No, it is simply a float for your pet to enjoy the water with you and its family.               

Do you offer a warranty?            

Lazy Dog Lounger offers a 90-day warranty on all manufacturing components of the product, to include material defects, stitching, snaps and zippers.  Should your product have a defect with any of these areas, please contact our Support Team immediately.  Please provide proof of purchase, and pictures of both the product and your pet.  We are happy to repair/replace the product should any unforeseen circumstance arise.

What is the proper way to use the Lazy Dog Lounger?    

These loungers were designed for water use.  With the proper usage in lakes, rivers and pools, your product should last a long time.

What is the improper way to use the Lazy Dog Lounger?

The lounger is designed to cradle your dog and give them comfort while floating. These should not be used as a mat to drag across rocks or sharp surfaces.  This will cause damage to your lounger and will not be covered under warranty.                           

Is the Lazy Dog Lounger patented?

Yes, Lazy Dog Loungers is a patented product and like no other on the market.  We use floatation rods versus air to ensure the safety and quality of our product.

Where are Lazy Dog Loungers made?

We are proud to be made in the USA.    

How should I clean my Lazy Dog Lounger?

Gentle soap and water is recommended if your lounger gets dirty.                        

How should I store my Lazy Dog Lounger?

When not in use, it should remain clean and stored out of the sunlight and weather elements to ensure its longest lasting performance and appearance.     

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